Zero Plus Zero

“Good things are happening”,  said our President today.  Sure wish I lived in Trump world.  Mine looks pretty grim about now.  What will happen to health care, our environment, our immigration policy, our relations with other countries?  Will we be bombed?  Will we bomb others?  Will our neighbors in Mexico and Canada give up all together on relations with us?  Although Trump has passed no legislation, he still has wrecked havoc on our daily lives and raised our anxiety levels to the 100th degree.  That is the 100 I see–fear and anxiety raised 100%.  Mr. Trump put the 100 day judgment standard on himself relentlessly during his campaign.  Actually, if you recall, it was all going to be done on day ONE and all on his own.  Now 100 days is a ridiculous standard says Trump because he has accomplished nothing, even as he will never admit it.  So, it is up for grabs–taxes or health care–what gets his brief attention next as we plod into the next hundred days.  Maybe 200 days will do the job.  Again, maybe not.

The Revolving Doors

If the doors could talk we would all be a lot more enlightened.  Those gilded doors Trump loves so much could surely keep us captivated with the names of Russians, especially, in and out of Trump Tower.  Lots of times the guests even got to use the back door.   In addition, we have secret sessions (like with Colombian reps) in Mar-A-Lago.  No logs.  No record.  This President will not comply with that.  If he has nothing to hide, why not have guests sign in.  Why do rules not  apply to this President, and why do we continually let him get away with this stuff?  The doors cannot speak but we can.  This President must be made accountable on many levels.  He’s sneaking, yes sneaking, people in we should know about.  The doors are golden; his behavior is not.


Nothing reassures me more during multiple crises facing the US than to know Sarah Palin, Ted Nugent and Kid Rock were having din-din and frolicking with our Pres in The White House.  Decorum abounded.  The hats added by the “gentlemen” guests were true toppers.  Sarah was ready to take to the dance floor.  Loved the photo under Hillary Clinton.  She surely outclassed them and the result is the direct opposite of what they were going for.  And, how about that photo op right at Trump’s desk.  Read anything you want guys; it’s all out there for you.  Our White House is becoming a pure joke and I hate it.  It is now a vast wasteland of empty halls with no spirit, empty rooms with no heart and, certainly, people with empty, empty minds.

It’s Going To Be Wonderful—————————–When?

The completion of Trump’s first 100 days is approaching.  Long, chaotic, and depressing these almost 100 days have been.  The Grim Reaper Bannon had the President’s ear throughout most of these days and now inexperienced Kushner seems to be taking over.  Lots of Bills signed but no legislation.  A complete failure in every area.   Domestically, he has only signed Bills detrimental to our health and welfare.  Internationally, it is nothing short of the threat of war in different parts of the world each and every day.  Now add Iran.  The President apparently does even speak with his Secretary of State, as they are never on the same war page.  Now too we will be thrown back into yet another health care debacle.  This smells of Trump just trying to win at any cost and  to inflate  his ego after the first two health care failures .  Does he not realize that Congress is just back from listening to their constituents and their being lambasted for the poor job being done by our President.  He remains in Trump World, talking the talk.  No proposal on anything, anywhere.  These first 100 days have been just the worst 100 days and, God help us all, we ain’t seen nothing yet.  Sure wish these first 100 days were just a probationary term.

Super Photo Session

Oh, how I love those pictures that are worth more than a thousand words.  Such was the case of our Super Bowl winners’ pictures with our President.  It so reminded me of Inaugural day pictures reflecting dwindling numbers.  Obama had an overflow of players even filling up the stairs.   Not so with Trump; not even close.  A little thing I know, but little things mean a lot.  A lot of us just can’t abide this President and that is no little matter.


So far, so good.  No air restrictions posted here in Palm Beach.  The golfer in chief will then be golfing in and around Washington DC this weekend.  Oh happy days.  We get our airport, streets and water ways back.  So, what will the White House dweller get into this weekend?  Certainly he has created enough chaos in our country and abroad to maybe keep him away from golf, twitter and TV.  Not gonna happen.  One major thing this writer believes he should do is fill all those government vacancies so needing qualified people.  He could start with the State Department.  So, this weekend I’ll enjoy the peace here in the Palm Beach area and wait to see just what occupies our President this weekend.   Maybe he will research just where that powerful armada actually is.  South Korea would love to know too.  Maybe he could research just what the name of the North Korean dictator is?  And no “gentleman” is he as Trump described him.  Maybe Trump will even read a book!  Not gonna happen.  I think he will be chasing little balls and mingling to line his own pockets.  The boogie man in the White House is out for a bogey.

Anchors A-WHERE?

“It’s very powerful”, says our President, but he had not a clue where this armada was.  Totally clueless.  The Generals misguided us too.  Were they clueless too?  Could that be possible?  Just what is going on?  I have no clue at this point in time, but a powerful armada heading in the wrong direction and being reported as nearing North Korea is a breach of trust and confidence in the current leaders of this country.  Trump responds like he lost his rubber ducky in the bath tub!  Using his now favorite word, telegraphing, Trump evades  questions now on this matter.  He surely was telegraphing when he first announced to the world that the powerful armada was already on its way to seas off North Korea.  His tap, tap, tap telegraphing, like everything he does and says, is just what is convenient and what makes his light shine brighter at any given time in his own estimation.  Our President consistently lies to us.  We can’t believe anything he says.  Yet again, our history has no comparison for this outrageous false reporting at such a crucial time.   Here we are living under Captain Donnie Trump  at the helm.  We are certainly headed in the wrong direction in more ways than one under him.  McHale’s Navy anyone!