Ode To Joey

Joey, my cousin, died recently.  Joey had Down Syndrome.  Joey died with grace and dignity, all due to Obamacare.  Joey fared well under the Democratic leadership of Clinton and Obama.  He was able to get care and to hold his little assembly line job.  Our Joey was happy.  His caretakers were kind and knowledgeable and he flourished under their care.  Joey lived to be fifty plus years old; he broke life span records for living with Down’s.  He had friends and he had family that loved him dearly.   Joey had a good life, thanks to Medicaid and Disability.  There are so many Joeys and Josephines in this world.  To my utter delight, many even in wheel chairs, demonstrated at Mitch McConnells office today.  McConnell and Paul Ryan and the committee of old White men are throwing our disabled away like trash.  They do not support abortion.  Neither do I.  However, they are still willing to put a death sentence on this segment of our population.  Are they not as valuable!

We can not let this happen.  Protest.  Write.  Call your representatives.  The Republicans are killing our dear sick loved ones.  The living should have just as many rights as the unborn–that of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

An old Italian aunt I had said when something bad happened, “This is the beginning of the end”.  For all our sick, needy and disabled it surely is .  President Trump said recently this Bill is “mean”.  “Mean” it is.  The wheel chairs being visibly pushed out for protesting are proof of this today.



On The Road Again

Willie, I love you!  However, our Campaigner-In-Chief is living the lyrics of your song.  He’s On The Road Again!  His time is still being spent on rallies with his adoring base.  Your lyrics, “Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway” so describes our president still wanting to win the popular vote.  On the road again, is not how things get done by the President of the United States.  It does not come close to making the Russian thing go away.  “Insisting the world keep turning our way” a la Willie is now Trump’s theme.  Rallies feed his ego.  His ego reigns; common sense does not.  How does his schedule allow for this?  It does because he accomplishes nothing but a band of firings and a whole lot of temper tantrums and no response to media questions.

Oh, Willie,  “the life I love is making music for my friends” fits you so perfectly.  On the road with this president is no country music song.  The life Trump loves means making money for himself and his friends.  “Just can’t wait to get on the road again” is now Trump’s rallying cry, literally.

Trump’s road trips in no way are what Willie was singing about. Trump has no clue what the lyrics of this song really mean.  He is tone deaf except for the sound of his own voice.

Hug On!

It warmed the cockles of my heart!  But then, the sight of Ivanka Trump and Marco Rubio always does that to me.  But, together in the hug of all hugs, was perfect, just perfect.  What warmth.  What sincerity.  It was enough to melt snow on a summer day.  How artificial can you get!  But, those two are superb at just that.  Rubio, my very own senator (so proud!) is the master of illusion.  Nothing there, ever.  His dinner date with Trump I thought did it for me.  His strange hug of daughter dearest is downright despicable.  The man has no moral fiber.  He just wants to be president and will do just about anything to get there.  I can only admire Jeb Bush who stuck to his guns; no adoration of Trump there.  Rubio is no friend to Florida and now his health care vote against Obamacare will do us all in.  Ivanka just dresses up, has her hair fixed and shows up for photo ops.  This one, however, back fired.  So too did all those Instagrams showing her art collection worth millions that she (nor Jar-Jar) reported.

I picture is worth a thousand words.  This one said the news is not fake; it is the people who are fake.  Hug on!  Could Cruz and Melania be next!

Wonder Boy

Son-in-law and peacemaker Jared Kushner is off to The Middle East.  No Secretary of State needed.  No experienced politicians needed.  Even American photo ops not needed.  So the Trump way.  Jared is going to make peace and do it in one day.  What a guy!  I guess his experience and historical knowledge will see him through.  No!  Not at all.  He is over his head.  I know he has family ties to the Israeli Prime Minister but how far will all these family ties take him!  The ones in the US have resulted in his lawyering up, a criminal one at that.  Just like his handling of the opiod crisis, the proof is in the pudding and I have seen no results to date.  The only thing I now know is that he can actually speak.  Will we get a report upon his return?  No.  Will he speak on what he presented and how it was received?  No.  Simply put, I have no faith in this man and I believe his efforts are a waste of time.  Maybe Bannon just wanted to get him out of his hair for a bit.  That makes more sense then political accomplishment.  It also has been reported that both Jared and Ivanka will head off to China later in the year.  What a grand experience that should be; good for branding too.  I suggest they put effort forth to find out what happened to the “missing” inspectors of Ivanka’s shoe factory.in China   Just another thing that will not happen.  No priority for them.

Ivanka and Jared should just stay home and work with their lawyers.  Their  intertwining of their personal fortunes and politics is unethical and their playing politics abroad does nothing for us or for their host countries.

Two relatives of our Chief Twitterer running a good part of our country with no experience, no compassion and a big bucks personal agenda is a waste of time and ridiculous based on their lack of experience and performance to date.  Unfortunately, it is also a waste of our money as Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl’s fortunes grow in new opportunities to make even more money.  Wonder Boy leaves us all wondering just what he is up to and what he has been up to in his White House roll.  Maybe, just maybe, the money trail, of all wonders, will lead us to Wonder Boy.  Maybe to Wonder Twitterer too.

He Said/She Said

Is your head spinning about now?

The White House says everything is transparent; nothing is.

Sean Spicer, now so busy looking for a replacement, says he has never talked with Trump about Russian meddling.  Oh come on!

Trump’s lawyer cannot even agree with himself.   So like the guy that hired him.

Trump has tapes.  Trump does not have tapes.  He better read up on Watergate.

Our health bill is a secret and it is OK.  Obama’s health bill was a secret and it was not OK.

Follow the money.  Hard when it goes through Russian and other foreign banks.

Trump did not fire Comey.  Trump did fire Comey.  We heard it from Trump himself on national TV that he did.

Trump ordered Rothenstein to do the Hillary letter re Comey.  Trump never ordered the letter.  He was going to fire Comey anyway over that “Russian thing”.  Again, this from Trump on national TV.

Our president loved his one night at Camp David.  Right.  You can bet on his returning to his own properties maybe even this weekend.

It’s Obama’s fault.  Everything still is.  The sad death of Otto this week is blamed on Obama.  Trump never mentioned his admiration of Kim Jong-Un and how he runs his country.

Members of the administration’s HIV team have quit.  No Trump agenda there they say.  This is true and can be believed.  Only when it concerns the poor and needy can it be true.

Trump’s “good guy” Flynn  is actually one BAD guy.  We have enough information already to confirm that.

Tax reform will help us all.  Only the top 1% of our country will affirm that.

So, my fellow citizens we can have our cake and eat it too.  We have yes and we have no.  It is confirmed and it is not.  It happened and it never happened.  We do, indeed, have what goes for Trump transparency.

We know one thing for sure and nothing left up to chance here.  Since Trump entered the presidential race some two years ago, and especially since taking office, nothing in our world has been the same.  That you can take to the bank.  No both ways there.   Absolute fact that we are in a trumpian decline both at home and abroad.  Our president is yelling at his TV sets.  Reminds us of Nixon talking to the presidential portraits.  The behavior and paranoia oh so similar.

The only statement that surely fits in with the “transparency” of this administration is:  Trump is our President.  Presidential he is NOT.

Tell Me No Secrets; Tell Me No Lies

Closed is the opposite of open.  Closed is how this administration now functions.  This is not the American way.  Maybe those Russian meetings with Trump staff have resulted in this.  Closed health bill meetings.  Closed press conferences are the order of the day.  The entire country needs to know that is going on, but even audio was not allowed yesterday in the press briefing.  And, what about that McConnell and his sneaky endeavor to get the health bill through the senate.  Everything is a secret these days.  To this writer, this means lots of secret sessions (maybe even with “Sessions”) in the White House.

Bannon only came out of his mole hole to today insult Spicer.  I see less of the Bannon person but certainly more of his anti-government stance.  Everything he does is in secret.

How about that Trump lawyer with three versions of the Trump not under investigation story.  If anyone should be closed down, it should be him.

Where is Kellyanne Conway?   Is she keeping her alternative facts secret now.

I heard Jared Kushner speak yesterday!  I was wondering if it was secret that maybe be could not speak or even look alive.  Off to Middle East he now goes.  He can take his experience with him in an overnnighter.  No matter, his take back will be a secret too.

How’s Melania doing in the White House.  Is she staffing up.  Is she doing something, anything.  Will she get her message out.  That message seems to be s secret too.

Pence is worried about his legal bills, not the country.  He has his hand out big time.  No secret there although he does keep it close to the vest.

Last but not least is our fair leader.  He is busy in the White House these days and his twitter finger is resting a bit.  Just what is he up to.  Just who will be fired next.  How will he further shut down news media access to the White House.  Big, big secrets here.  Not so big a secret was that he didn’t seem to know the Panama Canal was built 100 years ago.  His not secret secrets are just the best, historical facts never get in his way.

Our world and what is happening at the top levels of our government is now off limits to us.  Slowly but surely the secrets take over.   Even the spin by Spicer and Kellyanne is being silenced.  I recognize nothing going on orchestrated by Donald Trump as true democracy.  He operates like the CEO of the Trump Organization and not the President of the United States.  He is just wheeling and dealing and trying for the complete control be once had.  He will continue to hire and fire.  He will continue to imperil any investigation that gets too close to him.  This, however, is no secret.  This is our sorry state of affairs under Donald J. Trump.

Quiet Before The Storm

What a lovely and quiet weekend it has been.  Very retrospective with the Watergate anniversary but otherwise it was like life as we knew it pre-Trump.  I savored every moment of it and caught up with other news and even those tropical storms brewing out at sea.  I felt calm.  That is, except when I delved too deeply in the “quiet”.  Quiet never scared me before, but now I get anxious and think to myself “what is Trump up to now”!  This is Trump’s first weekend away where he is not in a Trump property.  I have encouraged in my writings since the  Chinese visit to Mar-a-Lago that he consider Camp David as a refuge.  Certainly not his style but maybe a rustic change would slow down his Twitter finger.  It, so far on this Sunday, seems to be true.  Maybe he is hiking, or biking or practicing his putt on the green lawns of the camp.  I’d like to think he is reading ALL of that oh so secret health care plan that none of the rest of us know anything about.  Is Melania doing aerobics on the porch?  Is she planning a cookout for dinner, so opposite those Trump Tower dinners.  My fervent hope is that Barron feels free to do whatever he wants.  Let him run and be free before he returns to his confining existence in DC.  Now back to our Camper-in-Chief.  This writer believes he is doing none of the above.  I believe he watched the Watergate programs just as I did and is now going to be more combative than ever.  It had to strike a chord, those tapes and all.  I also believe that he has been holed up with his personal lawyers all weekend too.  He should be and what better place than out in the woods.  This is the calm before the storm I came to realize.  No languishing in nature for this president.  Litigation, legal strategy and lethal commentary are on the agenda at Camp David.  Beware when Trump is quiet.  Firings usually follow.  A few hours left of the quiet before the helicopter drops our Leader back in Washington.  Until then, this little bit of calm helps fortify one and all against the storms surely ahead.