Wonder Boy

Son-in-law and peacemaker Jared Kushner is off to The Middle East.  No Secretary of State needed.  No experienced politicians needed.  Even American photo ops not needed.  So the Trump way.  Jared is going to make peace and do it in one day.  What a guy!  I guess his experience and historical knowledge will see him through.  No!  Not at all.  He is over his head.  I know he has family ties to the Israeli Prime Minister but how far will all these family ties take him!  The ones in the US have resulted in his lawyering up, a criminal one at that.  Just like his handling of the opiod crisis, the proof is in the pudding and I have seen no results to date.  The only thing I now know is that he can actually speak.  Will we get a report upon his return?  No.  Will he speak on what he presented and how it was received?  No.  Simply put, I have no faith in this man and I believe his efforts are a waste of time.  Maybe Bannon just wanted to get him out of his hair for a bit.  That makes more sense then political accomplishment.  It also has been reported that both Jared and Ivanka will head off to China later in the year.  What a grand experience that should be; good for branding too.  I suggest they put effort forth to find out what happened to the “missing” inspectors of Ivanka’s shoe factory.in China   Just another thing that will not happen.  No priority for them.

Ivanka and Jared should just stay home and work with their lawyers.  Their  intertwining of their personal fortunes and politics is unethical and their playing politics abroad does nothing for us or for their host countries.

Two relatives of our Chief Twitterer running a good part of our country with no experience, no compassion and a big bucks personal agenda is a waste of time and ridiculous based on their lack of experience and performance to date.  Unfortunately, it is also a waste of our money as Wonder Boy and Wonder Girl’s fortunes grow in new opportunities to make even more money.  Wonder Boy leaves us all wondering just what he is up to and what he has been up to in his White House roll.  Maybe, just maybe, the money trail, of all wonders, will lead us to Wonder Boy.  Maybe to Wonder Twitterer too.

Where’s The Beav!

The Beaver Cleaver family it is not.  Not even The Addams family, although I may have to think more about that.  No children should be more ready to face public scrutiny than the three eldest Trump children.  However, they all pout and condemn the public and the press with “unfair” treatment.  Certainly, they did not learn anything about fairness from their father.   Maybe they should just check further with their mom, Ivana.  She has been paid highly to keep her mouth shut, but surely she has given her children the real scoop on dear old Dad.  He was never there when they were growing up, as is the case with Barron to date.  Tiffany, stay away and go to school.  He treated your Mom horribly, as he does all women.  It is Princess Ivanka who takes the most camera time to bemoan the heartless treatment of her and her Daddy.  She actually thought she was going to be the Princess Kate of the USA.  No way.  Royalty she is not.  Married to a shady guy is her lot now.  Live with that, Ivanka.  Your honey bunny met with sanctioned Russian bankers, he backed the firing of Comey and was a cohort of Flynn.  He is very much in the vein of Papa Trump and Daddy Kushner.  Ivanka, that brings us back to you and SNL.  You simply are a well dressed complicit accomplice in your West Wing office.  You grew up seeing your Dad sue every Tom Dick and Harry.  He did not pay his workers.  He cheated on your mother.  You, above all, should be ready for public scrutiny and have the guts and forethought to right the wrongs.  Nope.  You just sing song your woes on FOX News.  Get the hair out of your face, lose the pout and speak fluently as a start.  Then you  might try not concentrating on yourself and think more of the welfare of others.  Look to the lovely young girls that preceded you as First Family, Sasha, Malia, Jenna, Barbara and Chelsea.  None of them had an office but they led (and still do) by example in their own lives and their care for others.  You want to portray the Cleaver Family and yet be treated as royalty.  You, my dear, are a Trump and make out of that what you will.  So far, Wally and the Beav would have nothing to do with you.

Where’s The Moving Van?

School is out!  So, where oh where is the moving truck hauling Melania’s stuff to The White House?  Next weekend our Golfer In Chief is headed to North Jersey to play golf.  Don’t think move in will be this week either with Comey in town.  Is she really coming on down to DC?  This writer sees her legs and feet doing what her hands did on the trip abroad–pulling away.  Not looking about now that Melania will be moving in her designer duds any time soon.  Is she packing?  Has she made summer plans for Barron in DC?  What staff has she hired?  So much to do; so little done.  Melania, none of us blame you for staying in your gilded tower.  It is better than Life With Donald any day.  Free yourself while you free the American people from unrealistic expectations of what a First Lady you would be.  Cancel the movers if, indeed, they were ever ordered.

Show Me The Money, Honey!

Ivanka Trump is named the Most Powerful Jewish Woman in America.  I clearly do not agree.  Lots of others don’t agree either.  She could be, but to date has done nothing for women, Jewish or not.  Many others are much more deserving of this title and my vote goes to Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  Now that’s a great lady.  Ivanka Trump comes no where close.  In the reporting after Daddy’s trip abroad, I found that Ivanka was given one hundred million dollars for programs for women.  Kind of hidden that was in all the glitz the Saudis provided.  So, what has happened with all that money she is in control of.  I have heard nothing from her in this regard.  Certainly, climate change can not be her standard bearer.  For sure.  Daddy seems not to be listening.  So, Ivanka, just what do you plan on doing with your Saudi dowry?  We want an accounting and a plan of just what you propose to do.  Will you ever know what it is like for a real working woman?  I think not.  I don’t think you count as the most powerful Jewish woman either.  You have the resources to do something for women and, most of all, for children.   Give us an accounting, Ivanka.  The first from a Trump.  The power lies in truth.

Towering Inferno

Melania Trump wants no part of this trip abroad, and she manifests that at every step along the way.  I think she should just have stayed in her haven in Trump Tower.  She is stiff and silent with her ever-present sunglasses.  No warmth, no real interest.  Just worried about keeping her hair in place.  May she just stay in her tower in the future.  I still do not see her living in The White House and functioning full time as our First Lady.  It is not in her.  She married  Donald J. Trump, financial tycoon, not Donald J. Trump, President.   She clearly is dragging and kicking away from all duties and responsibilities as First Lady.  Can you see her cultivating the White House garden?  I think not.  We do not need her passive aggressive behavior toward her husband and her duties in our face every day.  We already have enough division in this country largely caused by her husband.  Continue to hide out in your tower, Melania.  You are interested in Melania only and in no way are interested in being the First Lady of The United States of America.  You can hide AND you can run.  Please do.

The Quiet Man

I’m very much looking forward to Jared Kushner living up to Trump’s proclamation that he will bring peace to the Middle East.  Now that he is headed with the entourage to Israel we will see just what he can do.  To date, he has done nothing.  Nothing that the American public can be privy to that is.  The man is fostering his own interests just as Trump does.  He was very instrumental in getting Comey fired.  His best friend appears to have been Flynn.  He lied on his security clearance.  He met with the Russians.  Why are we putting up this?  He is simply the President’s son-in-law with no credibility to do any White House job except to get people fired.  Just remember his sister pushing visas to the Chinese and displaying the Kushner connection to The White House.  Bannon has his number.  Slick Bannon isn’t going to sit back and let Kushner have Trump’s ear.  Bannon is living with this nepotism for now.  Kushner can not be trusted.  I absolutely hate that the likes of him is representing us abroad.  He has not controlled Trump’s mouth or  Trump’s Tweets.  Again, he has done nothing.  It’s been said “watch those quiet ones”.  We should all be watching Jared Kushner.  Most of all, I believe Bob Mueller will be watching Jared Kushner.  The cushy job Kushner has may be no more when all the dots are connected.

Our Forlorn White House

Our White House is looking forlorn and lonely these days.  Just our tweeting President roams the halls at night.  Other angry men show up for dinner, but that is it in addition to Rep Nunes on a midnight run.  It is a sad state of affairs.  The White House, like Trump’s staff, is bleeding personnel also.  The chief usher left recently and now the curator is leaving,  both respected and long-term employees.  Now, more than ever, our absent First Lady should show up and start to put the pieces together.  Barron, at this point, does not need his Mommy to take him to school.  Come on!  This White House exodus is  a small point in the world of chaos surrounding us with Trump’s presidency, but it demonstrates the consistent and deep cracks in our beloved White House under Trump.  That legacy is in the hands (small as they are) of an uncaring President who can’t wait to vacate it every weekend.  Running from the current storm over his firing of Comey, Trump will even “slum it” at Camp David this weekend, a place he detests.  This is not a Republican/Democratic stance.  All our previous presidents AND their wives honored the White House while in residence.  They improved it and respected its history.  President Trump, the current caretaker of our cherished White House, you’re fired from its love and care.   Hang tough, White House, for the new occupants to arrive after the 2020 presidential election.