Hug On!

It warmed the cockles of my heart!  But then, the sight of Ivanka Trump and Marco Rubio always does that to me.  But, together in the hug of all hugs, was perfect, just perfect.  What warmth.  What sincerity.  It was enough to melt snow on a summer day.  How artificial can you get!  But, those two are superb at just that.  Rubio, my very own senator (so proud!) is the master of illusion.  Nothing there, ever.  His dinner date with Trump I thought did it for me.  His strange hug of daughter dearest is downright despicable.  The man has no moral fiber.  He just wants to be president and will do just about anything to get there.  I can only admire Jeb Bush who stuck to his guns; no adoration of Trump there.  Rubio is no friend to Florida and now his health care vote against Obamacare will do us all in.  Ivanka just dresses up, has her hair fixed and shows up for photo ops.  This one, however, back fired.  So too did all those Instagrams showing her art collection worth millions that she (nor Jar-Jar) reported.

I picture is worth a thousand words.  This one said the news is not fake; it is the people who are fake.  Hug on!  Could Cruz and Melania be next!

He Said/She Said

Is your head spinning about now?

The White House says everything is transparent; nothing is.

Sean Spicer, now so busy looking for a replacement, says he has never talked with Trump about Russian meddling.  Oh come on!

Trump’s lawyer cannot even agree with himself.   So like the guy that hired him.

Trump has tapes.  Trump does not have tapes.  He better read up on Watergate.

Our health bill is a secret and it is OK.  Obama’s health bill was a secret and it was not OK.

Follow the money.  Hard when it goes through Russian and other foreign banks.

Trump did not fire Comey.  Trump did fire Comey.  We heard it from Trump himself on national TV that he did.

Trump ordered Rothenstein to do the Hillary letter re Comey.  Trump never ordered the letter.  He was going to fire Comey anyway over that “Russian thing”.  Again, this from Trump on national TV.

Our president loved his one night at Camp David.  Right.  You can bet on his returning to his own properties maybe even this weekend.

It’s Obama’s fault.  Everything still is.  The sad death of Otto this week is blamed on Obama.  Trump never mentioned his admiration of Kim Jong-Un and how he runs his country.

Members of the administration’s HIV team have quit.  No Trump agenda there they say.  This is true and can be believed.  Only when it concerns the poor and needy can it be true.

Trump’s “good guy” Flynn  is actually one BAD guy.  We have enough information already to confirm that.

Tax reform will help us all.  Only the top 1% of our country will affirm that.

So, my fellow citizens we can have our cake and eat it too.  We have yes and we have no.  It is confirmed and it is not.  It happened and it never happened.  We do, indeed, have what goes for Trump transparency.

We know one thing for sure and nothing left up to chance here.  Since Trump entered the presidential race some two years ago, and especially since taking office, nothing in our world has been the same.  That you can take to the bank.  No both ways there.   Absolute fact that we are in a trumpian decline both at home and abroad.  Our president is yelling at his TV sets.  Reminds us of Nixon talking to the presidential portraits.  The behavior and paranoia oh so similar.

The only statement that surely fits in with the “transparency” of this administration is:  Trump is our President.  Presidential he is NOT.

Nuture in Nature

The President may be getting a “wall” yet!  Not the border wall he was going to build right out of the presidential gate.  This wall is planned for The Palm Beach International Airport.  I think I would wait a bit on this construction.  This president is on shaky ground and this is not a good investment.  As a business man Trump would surely recognize a bad deal when he sees one.  I know Air Force One needs to be parked in a safe place while our president plays golf and entertains at Mar-A-Lago.  However, let us have some of the committees gather more information and let us see how those State Attorney Generals’ law suits go.  There is a lot at stake at the present time and spending millions on this wall can wait.  Wait to see if this president is, indeed, vindicated.  Line up the school buses as you have to date as a barrier.  They work just fine.  We have spent enough on this president’s getaways.  Stock the food shelves for charity organizations, provide housing for the poor.  Let Mr. Trump stay in Washington and may we ban every single wall proposed for and by this president.  Mr President, just stay in Washington and do your job.  This writer has continually wished you would give Camp David a try.  Without the gild and gold you crave, no walls are needed.  Only peace and quiet there and time for reflection and for planning while around nature at its very best.   That, Mr President, no wall can provide.

Help Wanted

There are job openings in many areas in the Trump administration, but no takers, only those leaving the chaos.  Why would anyone run TOWARD this fire!  Run, baby, run!  First of all, you will have to be a “yes” man or woman no matter what this impulsive President proposes.  He is a tyrant and will throw you under the bus quicker than you can say James Comey.  Just look at the mess Jared Kushner is in and Trump actually likes him.  Look at how frazzled and unfocused Sean Spicer is.  Flynn fired.  Communications Director resigned/fired.  Reince is going to be thrown out with the rinse water very soon.  How about that FBI Director that was to be named pronto.  People are literally running from consideration.  No one with a good reputation will keep their good status after working with Trump.  Just look at McMaster and Kelly, no longer to be believed by the American people.  More heads and reputations will roll, maybe even his own daughter’s.  Yes, help is wanted and help is needed at the very top position in this land.  May one day soon we live to see it filled by a capable, rational and experienced person.  The job at the top is filled but in no way does that mean the job has been well done.  Also, you may have to apply under cover of night, just ask Corey Lewandowski.

The Blame Game

Blame everyone else.  That is the modus operandi for this narcissistic president.  Again today our president is “angry”.  Angry at his staffers, even still blaming Hillary Clinton for the mess he is in.  The man should look at the real source of all his frustration and his downward spiral in the eyes of the American people–yours truly, Donald J. Trump.  We all expect an implosion this week in Trump’s revamping efforts.  This will then just turn into a hampster wheel of people in and  people out and nothing getting accomplished.  How sick is it that this president has to set up a “war room” for an INTERNAL war he is having with Congress and the public.  North Korea launched two missiles in two days, and today our headlines dominate with news of Trump and his staff going to war against leaks and false news.  The news is not fake and the leaks are being made by personnel so much afraid for the security of this country that they feel they have no other option.  Twitter away, Mr. Trump, about Jared Kushner and how good he is for America.  “Where’s the beef!”  What has Mr. Kushner accomplished other than to instill thoughts of espionage.  He has no track record to speak of and his real estate experience seems to be in much need of international financing.  So, now, President Trump is starting to bring back his old cronies, ones he fired previously.  Truly, this administration is going backward and the blame, totally, is on one Donald J. Trump.  The blame game continues, only with different targets for Trump’s anger.

Life With Father Trump

No, it was not a day for champagne popsicles on Memorial Day.  It was a day for respect and dignity.  Maybe Daddy evading service to his country added to Ivanka’s delusional way of honoring the men and women who serve our country.  And this is the voice of reason in the White House!  It shows only that she is daddy’s daughter, not an adviser to the president.  I am reading that Jared and Ivanka are reviewing their Washington DC stay on a six month basis.  The heat in the kitchen is getting really hot and the synthetic make up of these two ignites quickly.  Melania was smart enough to stay where she was and, by all her lack of hand holding, I believe she will continue to remain in her safe tower.  Ivanka and Jared, you should think of doing the same.  Life with daddy in the White House is not the same as life with daddy in Trump Tower.  Maybe you should have thought of that earlier.  Jared is under “scrutiny” by the FBI and is called “an island” by other White House staffers.  He throws people out of their offices to make room for his PR staff.  He only fires people and gives bad advice to Trump.  He took on far too many jobs he is unequipped to handle.  What can we make of this “back channel” he tried to initiate?  Of all things, Mr. Kushner is not naive.  Entitled, spoiled, sneaky and inexperienced, yes.  Was he naive regarding the back channels?  Was he just forgetful when he omitted his Russian contacts from his security application?  How about his pushing to have Comey fired.  Come on, folks, Jared has known from the get go exactly what he is doing.  He has not been elected by the American people.  He is free, at least for now, to go home.

Our Travelling Twitterer and Company

So appropriate that Melania Trump donned a $50,000 coat and that was just one piece of her retinue, but her husband will not feed our children.

Sean Spicer is a Catholic.  Our President barred him from seeing the Pope.  Jared instead attended.  Bet he got a lot out of that visit.  He never speaks, so we will never know.

Ivanka was much loved in Saudi Arabia.  Why not, all that glitter and gold was just like being home to her.  Never did she visit the poor people.  Never did she stand up for human rights.  She just dressed up, played with her hair and waxed poetic her whole time in Saudi Arabia.  Sickening.

How about our President pushing, literally shoving, his way to the front of the NATO Meeting picture.  The world saw in the flash of that moment the the unmitigated arrogance of this man.  Now he has become the poster child for new congressmen.

Jared was there the whole time.  What does one write about Jared.  Really nothing as he appeared to be sleep walking through the whole trip.  But then, things back home were rolling along and our FBI has been quite busy.  Maybe that was where his thoughts were.

Bannon and Pribus were sent packing almost immediately after arrival.  I’m figuring they had to line up Trump’s personal legal team back home.  Much to do upon arrival, you know.  Maybe they were working on the next group of firings or maybe they themselves will be fired.  The trip abroad changes nothing at home.

I loved all the NATO members looking at their feet as Trump was speaking.  We all did that as kids when the nuns hollered at us.  They were embarrassed and angered over this President’s words.  He chided them like school children.  The Arabs, however, felt only Trump esteem.  At least the men did.  The women could not look upon his face.  Anything wrong here?

Now, we have to prepare ourselves for the return of the Travelling Twitterer.  Didn’t you miss those early morning Tweets this past week?  The news today tells me Trump’s Twittering will now be vetted by his lawyers.   A Twitter Cop!  What’s next, muzzle him….hum…..

Expect a big shake up here at home, folks, as Trump treads on his staff and takes them to task for his own actions and his own words.

Vetting won’t change things.  Jetting Trump out of The White House will.