All This President’s Men

They come and they go.  The are front and center and then they are banished.  Some are fired.   Some return from banishment.  Some are just tortured.  Some are “good guys”.  Some are showboats.  Some write memorandums they do not believe in.  Some have connections to questionable news outlets.  Some spout godliness but now have lawyered up.  Some never answer questions from the press.  Some even think poor is a state of mind.  Some drain funds from our public schools.  Some surely have made some questionable investments.  Some are just plain related and have no barriers to what they do and to whom they speak.  That last someone is Jared Kushner.  Once I was told he would bring peace to The Middle East and he actually went along with that, I knew trouble was ahead.  Indeed, trouble has followed.  Jared is way out of his league.  I give him credit for being a good sneak and having more self esteem than he warrants, but running the country along side this wayward president should never, ever have happened.  Mr. Kushner needs his own PR firm; but, in retrospect, when you never speak, maybe that is downright necessary.  We now have Robert Mueller looking at Jared and his dealing with the Russians.  Seems he is as “forgetful” as Flynn, his good friend,  in listing these occurrences on his security forms.  This writer firmly believes the following.  Donald Trump would only go out on a limb to protect himself and his family.  I believe Flynn and Jared were connected at the hip, Russian style.  That is the reason for Trump’s protection of Flynn.  He needs to save Flynn in order to save Jared and thus hold on to his daughter.  There is still much investigation to play out and the dots (Donald’s appointees) will be connected.  Jared was promised the world by his daddy-in-law and instead  his world is being crushed under some very serious accusations.  All of THIS President’s men pretty much better lawyer up and yet again follow the lead of this president in so doing.  Litigation not legislation is what our country is in for.

Which “Witch” Is On The Hunt Today

It’s a witch hunt the president declares.  Which witch is it–lying, collusion, obstruction of justice, money laundering?  Lots of witches are out there and, depending on the day, we know not which one witch will be in the forefront.  Adding to the witches are the president’s incriminating tweets and his verbal contradictions, each time telling a different story.  Each day a different target is blamed for what the president himself has done to himself.  It is never his fault.  Nothing, at no time.  Nothing is further from the truth, but truth and Trump never go hand in hand, only  which witch hunt will be next remains.  I now believe Rothenstein will be his next target.  The Hillary reason for firing Comey just did not cut it.  Rothenstein will bear the brunt of that.   Sessions we already know has been a puppet from day one.  Puppets, witches, scapegoats,rats, and chickens are all part of this administration.  It is a menagerie.  We do have a GOOD witch finally; namely, Robert Mueller, with a broom large enough to sweep clean the Oval Office.  So, which witch would you choose?

He Can’t Color Within The Lines

The twit, excuse me Twitterer-In-Chief, just can’t help himself.  He came across as human yesterday with his speech after the baseball field shooting.  Today, he simply is a Twitterer with no control.  He is not capable of staying within the lines of propriety.  He has no control; nor can anyone around him control him.  He is a child.   We continue to be at the receiving end of his child’s play.  It is not getting any better as his tenure moves on.  It is just as vindictive as ever.  Is congress now afraid of this president?  It can be dangerous to go against him.  That, however, is the way things are going up on the Hill.   What was a shining light is now nothing but a would-be monarch endlessly darkening us on twitter.  And, while I am thinking working habits, have you seen his desk in the Oval Office.  It reflects the man.  Nothing on it, almost always empty except for phones (please don’t touch the red button!).   Magazines and newspapers are on it occasionally, but usually it is as empty as his head.  But, he always has that wide screen TV in his dining room to fill the hours he is not on twitter.  It is not a pretty picture this president is coloring.  It is over the line in all directions.  Each day I think he will tear the bad pages out and start anew with clear vision.  Each day, instead, it is scribble on the pages of the lives of the American people.  No staying in the lines for this president.  No work of art coming forth from Donald J. Trump.

What Happened To Our Field Of Dreams

The great American pastime was bringing our government representatives together.  What a wonderful thing in itself besides the charitable reason for the practice session.  We all know it turned into tragedy.  It has turned into a day of circumspection.  It is a day to look inward, each and every one of us.  This writer gets upset with the Trump Administration and I relieve that stress by writing.  Often it is critical but never beyond that.  Expressing our frustrations by writing, marching or attending town halls is what our democracy is all about.  However, I feel since this last campaign season and into this new presidency, the violence has been steadily escalating.  So, it is up to each and every one of us to look at ourselves.  What is our stress level regarding politics?  How will we vent our frustrations?  There are so many outlets today to do so.  Use these outlets and vent what is on your mind.  Killing and guns are not the answer to this or to any other problem.  Tone the rhetoric down politicians.  Protest peacefully constituents.  Write to your Senator and Representatives.  No need to kill.  No need to lock anyone up.  No need to throw people out of venues or attack those asking questions.  Pick up your pen, the perfect “weapon” to get politicians’ attention.  We had a mean, mean campaign and this presidency is now fostering a “mean” health bill among other things.  Can we please unite in a peaceful way for the common good of all.  Can the lies stop?  Can the political infighting stop?  It is overflowing into society as we have seen today.  Baseball means freedom and open air and exercise and pure delight.  Each one of us now has to be on the team that brings all that back to us both on the field and off.  We need the triple play of peace, good will and tolerance at home, on the road and in our political system.  That would be a win for us all.

Where’s The Beav!

The Beaver Cleaver family it is not.  Not even The Addams family, although I may have to think more about that.  No children should be more ready to face public scrutiny than the three eldest Trump children.  However, they all pout and condemn the public and the press with “unfair” treatment.  Certainly, they did not learn anything about fairness from their father.   Maybe they should just check further with their mom, Ivana.  She has been paid highly to keep her mouth shut, but surely she has given her children the real scoop on dear old Dad.  He was never there when they were growing up, as is the case with Barron to date.  Tiffany, stay away and go to school.  He treated your Mom horribly, as he does all women.  It is Princess Ivanka who takes the most camera time to bemoan the heartless treatment of her and her Daddy.  She actually thought she was going to be the Princess Kate of the USA.  No way.  Royalty she is not.  Married to a shady guy is her lot now.  Live with that, Ivanka.  Your honey bunny met with sanctioned Russian bankers, he backed the firing of Comey and was a cohort of Flynn.  He is very much in the vein of Papa Trump and Daddy Kushner.  Ivanka, that brings us back to you and SNL.  You simply are a well dressed complicit accomplice in your West Wing office.  You grew up seeing your Dad sue every Tom Dick and Harry.  He did not pay his workers.  He cheated on your mother.  You, above all, should be ready for public scrutiny and have the guts and forethought to right the wrongs.  Nope.  You just sing song your woes on FOX News.  Get the hair out of your face, lose the pout and speak fluently as a start.  Then you  might try not concentrating on yourself and think more of the welfare of others.  Look to the lovely young girls that preceded you as First Family, Sasha, Malia, Jenna, Barbara and Chelsea.  None of them had an office but they led (and still do) by example in their own lives and their care for others.  You want to portray the Cleaver Family and yet be treated as royalty.  You, my dear, are a Trump and make out of that what you will.  So far, Wally and the Beav would have nothing to do with you.

Nuture in Nature

The President may be getting a “wall” yet!  Not the border wall he was going to build right out of the presidential gate.  This wall is planned for The Palm Beach International Airport.  I think I would wait a bit on this construction.  This president is on shaky ground and this is not a good investment.  As a business man Trump would surely recognize a bad deal when he sees one.  I know Air Force One needs to be parked in a safe place while our president plays golf and entertains at Mar-A-Lago.  However, let us have some of the committees gather more information and let us see how those State Attorney Generals’ law suits go.  There is a lot at stake at the present time and spending millions on this wall can wait.  Wait to see if this president is, indeed, vindicated.  Line up the school buses as you have to date as a barrier.  They work just fine.  We have spent enough on this president’s getaways.  Stock the food shelves for charity organizations, provide housing for the poor.  Let Mr. Trump stay in Washington and may we ban every single wall proposed for and by this president.  Mr President, just stay in Washington and do your job.  This writer has continually wished you would give Camp David a try.  Without the gild and gold you crave, no walls are needed.  Only peace and quiet there and time for reflection and for planning while around nature at its very best.   That, Mr President, no wall can provide.

Hail to the Chief, Cabinet Style

How about that first Trump Cabinet meeting today!  It was enough to raise your sugar level to dangerous highs.  What a group of ugly old men fawning over yet an older and uglier man who, unfortunately, is our President.   What a pathetic sight it was to see these men drooling over a President who has had a most deplorable tenure.  They have no pride nor do they have the integrity required of a position in the Cabinet.  But, then again, most of them have track records almost as bad as that of our president.  What a club of old fools and how utterly insipid they sounded.  Their pride in this president was lip service to a man they are afraid to say no to.  So much easier their lives are when they compliment the narcissist-in-chief.  So, that is exactly what they did with Poison Pence up first expounding just the opposite of the principles he touts so very often.  One after another they followed the course of kissing up to the monarch in our oval office.  All but genuflect they did.  The country looked and was sickened.  We know if you don’t “yes” our president, you will be fired.  No one around that table was willing to step forward and tell the president just what a mess he has made of things.  They hailed their king and the American people moved yet another step away from democracy.  Trump’s first Cabinet meeting bolstered our President’s ego.  That is the job description of everyone in this administration.  The Cabinet could use a cleaning out starting at the very top.